AI For Professionals:

Beginner/Intermediate Users: ChatGPT Plus and Other Generative AI Tools

Join us for an immersive hands-on workshop to explore the capabilities of generative AI, with a focus on ChatGPT. For Beginner to Intermediate users. Students must bring a laptop to class with an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus. 

Tuesday, February 13th

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Prompt Engineering: Learn how to craft effective prompts to direct your chatbot towards accurate responses and prevent misleading outputs. 

  • Data Prep & Analysis: Uncover how ChatGPT can enhance data preparation and analyze complex data sets for meaningful insights.

  • Creative Content Generation: Discover innovative methods for generating varied content.

  • Research Enhanced by AI: Learn to leverage ChatGPT and tools like for deeper research and faster discoveries.

  • Image Generation: Experience firsthand how ChatGPT can transform textual descriptions into compelling visual art to support product design and marketing.

  • ChatGPT's Vision Capabilities: Review the capabilities of ChatGPT in understanding and interpreting images, expanding its utility beyond text. pes, from textual compositions to code snippets and creative concepts.


LEARN: Gain hands-on knowledge of ChatGPT Plus and other generative AI tools designed for real-world applications. Share: Connect and exchange insights with peers who are equally passionate about the potential of generative AI. 

GROW: Elevate your technical acumen and learn to leverage generative AI in ways that can revolutionize industries and workflows. 

Class Registration fee: $249.00. Snacks and refreshments will be served. 

Student Registration policies: CYTO| PHL Policy & Procedure



Co-Founder of Claritee.AI

Dan Hughes specializes in guiding clients through Generative AI solution adoption. With a 20-year track record in data and technology, he's experienced the evolution from early ERP systems to advanced data warehouses and AI. Before Claritee, he developed his skills at Andersen Business Consulting, emphasizing implementation strategies, communications, and client rapport.

Dan's expertise extends across various sectors from high growth to Fortune 100 — finance, manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare—providing leadership to teams facing technological transformations.

Outside of his professional interests, Dan is a father, a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, and a licensed Sailboat Captain.He dedicates time to the Naval Sea Cadets, aids veterans transitioning to civilian careers, and leads a sailing program in the Chesapeake Bay that emphasizes team building and personal development.

Dan holds a BBA in Accounting and Information Technology from Temple University, underpinning his business and technical acumen.


Co-Founder of Claritee.AI

Ken Jones is a Co-founder of Claritee.AI and is an accomplished software engineer and data analytics expert with over 20 years in the industry. His proficiency includes data engineering, data warehouse architecture, and building generative artificial intelligence applications. He has worked with various organizations, aiding them in overcoming complex data analytics challenges.

Prior to co-founding Claritee, Ken developed his expertise at Accenture and Electronic Data Systems (EDS), gaining key insights into methodologies and the importance of strong client relationships.

Passionate about data analytics, Ken enjoys solving complex analytical problems and helping clients discover new business insights through data-driven solutions. He holds a double major in Computer Science from James Cook University, Australia, which, combined with his practical experience, equips him to provide tailored, effective solutions.

Ken is personable and values networking and knowledge-sharing, which contributes to his personal growth and enhances the value he offers to clients and his team.

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Aug 21, 2022 I 11:OO AM

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Services Strategies Webinar Day 1

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